Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 Down 2 to Go

The Shenandoah 100 was a good test of fitness for this time of year. A flat and a couple of small mistakes had me finishing in 6th, a few spots back behind where I wanted to be in the results, but overall the race went great. The legs felt fresh on every climb, even the 17 miler that roundhouse kicked me in the face a few years back. I also cut my finishing time to under 7 and a half hours, which was over a half an hour faster than the last time I did the event and most of the race was all by myself! Finishing ahead of me were Jeremiah Bishop, Christian Tanguy, Jeff Schalk, Jesse Jakomait, and Sam Korber.

Moving on to Bear Creek..... My legs still felt fresh and I was killing it on the climbs, but for some reason I could not ride smoothly through a rock garden to save myself. Maybe a little too much caffeine for the day had me trying to push too hard through sections that I should have been more relaxed on? Oh well, I still placed 3rd for the day behind Aaron and Harlan and wrapped up the overall win for the Mid Atlantic Super Series. Hopefully I get my skills back for this weekend's Terror of Teaberry 40 mile race at Michaux. I'm always looking forward to riding and racing at Michaux... as long as I can just relax and rip up some singletrack. The Teaberry race will be my final race before 24 Hours of Moab next month. Until then I will be putting in some long hours in the saddle, especially the final two Saturday's before Moab, so if anyone wants join me in riding till I bonk let me know. These rides will be either at Michaux or on the road near Shippensburg.