Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sense of Humor.... Who has it??? Who doesn't have it???

It seems these days that 3 interviews with a company are necessary before it is determined that you do not get a job. This was how my first experience went when I interviewed with a certain employer, which was no big deal as there are plenty of jobs out there to continue my search. What gets to me is that their choice not to hire me may have come from a visit to my blog during the final day of interviewing. At this time, my last post was up top in which I jokingly assumed no responsibility for a recent speeding ticket. Could it have been a lack of humor that one of the interviewees had? Perhaps, and if it were the not hiring was definitely for the better. So the job search continues....

Now here are some people who do have a sense of humor.

Sunday was the opening race of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series, the premier cross country series in the Mid-Atlantic. The style of the race was a 4 hour relay on a 3 mile course. Each lap would be completed in about 15 minutes in an all out fashion. Last year was the debut for this event and we (Aaron, Matt, Rob, and myself) went in costume and registered under a questionable and nonetheless humorous team name. This year we (Aaron, Matt, and myself) kept up with last years antics and took on the theme of to imitate our competitors (above) of We were joined in racing effort by Kyle, who decided to not take part in the shenanigans. The goal was to have as much fun as possible with the race and hopefully kick some ass. Although the latter was not accomplished good times were had.

Can you match up the riders with their counterparts?


Zach said...

Kyle doesn't have it. If he would have participated you guys may have won the costume dealio, so I'm not surprised that you guys didn't sweep that one.

Jake said...

Humorless people suck... I thought your costumes rocked though.