Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lost and Found

As I'm still on the job search, I'm really trying to keep my expenses at a minimum until something comes along. On Monday this plan was almost thwarted when I went to an interview in Allentown. After all the business stuff was taken care of I met up with A-ron at Bear Creek for a little fun on the mountain bike. The rocks at BC were more fun to ride than usual as I followed A-ron down a sketchy rock garden that is blocked off for the race. After the ride, we ate and loitered at a restaurant till mid afternoon. 4:00 was the time I decided to get out of there before being attacked by a food coma. So everything was going fin until I stopped in Pottsville to get some gas. I stopped at the pump and reached for my wallet in the passenger seat.... in the back seat.... center console... glove compartment... under my seat... SHIT! First I called A-ron to obtain a number from the restaurant. I wanted to let them know what an idiot I felt like for leaving my wallet on the roof of my car while I unlocked my bike from the rack. Nothing was found in or around the restaurant, so I called A-ron again and he volunteered to check out the surrounding intersections and the on-ramp to Rt. 22. Nothing again. With no hope left in finding my wallet, which was probably dropped 50 miles back, I called up my parents and we started to work on getting survival cards canceled and reordered just in case some faulty Brandon Draugelis found my wallet and went on a shopping spree. Along with the wallet, about $180 went missing, which was the real kick in the teeth for someone tight on cash. So I got home, ate dinner #2 to drown my sorrows, then went down to my grandparents house to visit my cousin Dave from across the country. We watched the Penguins stumble into overtime against the more dominant Red Wings and I retreated back home around midnight to finish watching (sleeping) the game on the recliner. Finally I go to bed and wake up to the best phone call I've had all year. The secretary at Hi Point Auto near Cressona had my wallet! I couldn't believe it. That sucker took a 60 mile ride on the roof of my car before flying off onto the highway. All of the survival cards and my license got crushed up, but $170 was recovered. So I stopped by Hi Point, picked up my wallet and left a small reward. So the worst day of the year was followed by one of the best. So if anyone is rewarded with a valuable ground score, please make an effort to get the item back to the original owner. It will be greatly appreciated.

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