Friday, February 15, 2008

How Long Till Spring?

I can't really complain about this winter too much. I've been able to ride my mountain bike almost every day I chose to up until this week when the weather turned from good to shitty. The coming of the shitty weather has resulted in a week on trainer and I'm mentally exhausted. I'm also in a little regret that I hadn't gone to Florida for 12 Hours of Santos with Jed and Aaron. My busy schedule this semester would have made the trip a huge hassle, but last minute changes by my professors would have permitted me to go if their notices were given a week in advance. But anyway, it is not really the racing that I truly wanted to go for, but to ride in a bit warmer weather for a change. Even with a good winter, PA doesn't quite have a tropical climate. So to attempt to ride some trails this weekend in moderate weather, I'll be heading to Walnut Creek, near Charlottesville, VA..... Hopefully they've got some good dirt to ride on, cause right now I need it.


cyclocrosser said...

it should be sweet for you. greenbrier was amazing today. way warmer than carlizzle.

Brandon Draugelis said...

hahaha... damn... and i drove 3.5 hrs.... still worth it tho... it was 60 and dry, but g'brier might be a during the week destination now, thanks for the heads up